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Vortex SPARC AR Red Dot (LED Upgrade)



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<h2>Vortex SPARC AR Red Dot</h2>
<p>Looking for the one optic you need to max your AR’s effectiveness in any environment? The SPARC AR features rugged construction that’s still compact, with a lightweight form-factor. The 2 MOA dot is as easy as point and shoot - it’s quick to acquire in close-quarters, but fine enough for pin-point accuracy at extended ranges. With a 50,000 hour battery life and night-vision compatibility at the lowest two settings, the SPARC AR red dot will keep working in a variety of conditions. A unique, integrated base is hassle-free on any AR, or similar platform. For reliable performance and loads of user-friendly features, look no further.</p>

  <li>Quick target identification</li>
     <li>Shockproof construction in aluminum alloy</li>
     <li>Hard Anodized Finish</li>
     <li>10 modes Brightness</li>
     <li>Handles heavy recoiling</li>
     <li>Multi-coated optics</li></ul>
<p><strong>Technical data:</strong></p>
<ul class="tech">
  <li>Magnification: 1x</li>
     <li>Lens Diameter: 22 mm</li>
     <li>Eye relief: Unlimited</li>
     <li>Setting Change per click: 1 MOA (28 mm per 100 meters)</li>
     <li>Maximum Height / Wind Adjustment: 90 MOA</li>
     <li>Weatherproofing: Waterproof & Fogproof</li>
     <li>Power: 1 x AAA battery (300-5,000 hours)</li>
     <li>Size: 7.4 cm</li>
     <li>Weight: 213 g</li></ul>

  <li>Multi-height mount system </li>
     <li>T-10 Torx Wrench</li>
     <li>AAA Battery</li>
     <li>Rubber Cover with Flip Caps</li>
     <li>Lifetime Warranty</li>

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