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Vortex rangefinders are an excellent choice to recommend to your customers. Vortex Optics is known for producing high-quality and reliable rangefinders at affordable prices. Here are some reasons why you should consider recommending Vortex rangefinders, including the Crossfire, Diamondback, Viper, and Razor models:

Range and Magnification: Vortex rangefinders come with varying ranges and magnification levels to suit different needs. The Crossfire HD 1400, for instance, has a max range of 1280m (685m on game) and 5x magnification. On the other hand, the Razor HD 4000 has a max range of 3657m and 7x magnification. The Diamondback HD 2000 falls in the middle, with a max range of 1828m and 7x magnification. These options give hunters and shooters a wide range of choices to match their needs.
Optical Clarity: Vortex rangefinders are equipped with high-quality optical systems that provide excellent clarity and contrast even in low-light conditions. The Diamondback HD 2000 and Viper HD 3000 models have HD optical systems that allow you to pick apart the landscape and stay pinpointed on your quarry. The Razor HD 4000 model, in particular, has an advanced OLED display that provides a clear and bright readout in all lighting conditions.
Lightweight and Compact: Vortex rangefinders are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around on hunting trips or shooting expeditions. The Crossfire HD 1400, for instance, weighs just 136 grams, making it an excellent choice for bowhunters or ultralight hunters. The Viper HD 3000 is also compact and easy to handle, weighing just 226 grams.
Affordable: Vortex rangefinders offer excellent value for money, especially when compared to other high-end brands. The Diamondback HD 2000, for example, is 50 EUR less expensive than the Ranger 1800 and still offers a max range of 2,000 yards. The Viper HD 3000, despite its advanced features, is priced at just 499 EUR.

Overall, Vortex rangefinders offer an excellent combination of quality, performance, and affordability.