Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier, with built in flip mount

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Mount the VMX-3T Magnifier and Flip Mount behind a red dot sight.

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier

Simple, fast and efficient. VMX-3T will flip mounting for quick locking. The optics are fully multi-coated for optimum light transmission. Lightweight and tough; durable and represisten surface treatment, machine-made from aircraft aluminum ensures durability. Nitrogen Filled for waterproof and fog-free function.

The VMX-3T Magnifier will work with any of our red dots but it is not recommended for use with the prism scopes.

Allows for lower 1/3 or absolute co-witness mounting heights and is ideal for shooters who want to increase the effective range of their red dot sight.

VMX-3T fits following Vortex Red Dots:

  • Crossfire
  • Sparc AR
  • Sparc SolAR
  • AMG UH-1 (Gen 1, Gen 2)
  • Strikefire


  • Increased light transmission with multi-coated lenses
  • O-ring seals stops the moisture, dust and dirt
  • Nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging
  • Hard anodized finish for scratch resistance


  • Flip Mount
  • Lifetime warranty

Product Manual (PDF) Download

Technical data

Magnification 3 x
Brand Vortex Optics
Manufacturing China
Eye Relief 5.6 cm
Tube Size 30 mm
Weight 337 gr
Linear Field of View 12.7 m at 100 m

1 review for Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier, with built in flip mount

  1. Anonymous @ vortexoptics.com

    Nobody does it better.

    Took this AR to Youth camp and the kids put 8,500 rounds through it and the Optics never changed POI. This is a very sturdy and reliable Magnifier. Matched with the Strikefire II this setup will keep you on target for many years to come. As far as ease of use, well there really isn’t much to it. Mount it, align it with your Red Dot and you’re ready to go. Simple and dependable. It doesn’t get much better than that. I plan on putting this same setup on one other of my AR’s. It not only works, it works very well and that is what great optics are all about. Yes, if I wanted to I’m sure I could analyze this thing and find something to complain about, but why??? If anything I guess the only thing I would like to see is for Vortex to make a one piece mount that holds the Magnifier and the Strikefire II as a single unit while retaining the tilt function of the Magnifier. Now that would be awesome. But that is a wish, not a fault on the part of the unit. However, if you guys do that, I get royalties for the idea. Lol. Bottom line, this is a great Magnifier and I can’t find anything to complain about nor am I going to look for something to complain about. It does what it was designed to do and it does it well. Looking forward to my next build, it’s going to be wearing a Vortex RAZOR® AMG® UH-1 and one of these Magnifiers. Very excited about that. Thank you Vortex for doing a great job and making the sport of shooting and hunting so much more accurate and enjoyable for so many of us. Keep up the great work.

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VMX-3T manual

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