Vortex Micro 6X Magnifier

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Vortex Micro 6X Magnifier

The Vortex Micro 6x is a compact 6x magnifier that allows you to quickly adapt the rifle to shooting at a longer distance.

The Vortex Micro 6x Magnifier is compatible with both Red Dot and holographic sights.

Red Dot Magnifier – an ideal solution for sports shooting and active hunting

We attach the Magnifier between the red dot sight and the shooter’s eye, thanks to which we can obtain an image with greater detail.

The Vortex Micro 6x magnifier not only makes it easier to aim at longer distances, but also increases the capabilities of the standard collimator by 1x magnification.

The possibility of rapid adaptation of the rifle to shooting at a longer distance, combined with the relatively low cost of the magnifier (compared to the scope) make the magnifier attachment particularly popular among sport shooters, soldiers and hunters.

The magnifier is ideal for shooters who want to use a true 1x magnification offered by a collimator / holograph, and at any time increase the range of the shot with a 6x magnification.

V6XM Vortex micro 6x magnifier

Advantages of Vortex Micro 6x Magnifier:

  • 6x enlarges the image of the holographic and red dot sight
  • low profile recessed turrets
  • the possibility of using the enlarger as a monocular for observation
  • a perfect solution for dynamic shooting and hunting
  • adjustable flip mounting, convenient for right and left-handed people
  • possibility of mounting the enlarger at 3 heights

The Vortex Micro 6x Magnifier body is made of precision anodized aircraft grade aluminum with high resistance to shock and corrosion and helps camouflage the shooter’s position.

The tube was filled with nitrogen and thoroughly sealed, thanks to which the optics is resistant to dew (internal evaporation) and weather conditions.

The Micro 6x Magnifier has a tilting Cam Lock ramp that allows the optics to be quickly raised and tilted.

Cam Lock works under direct pressure, so adding the magnifier to the red dot and putting it aside can be conveniently and quickly carried out with one hand.

Thanks to the adjustable tilt ramp, the magnifier can be adjusted to both right and left-handed shooters.

Vortex Magnifier – perfect optic with a lifetime guarantee

The Vortex Micro 6x Magnifier uses high-quality lenses covered with multi-layer anti-reflective coatings, which provide a bright and sharp image throughout the entire field of view.

The 28 mm lens magnifies the image by 6x and provides a field of view of 6.3 m / 100 m.

The optics can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, as well as a focus ring for precise centering of the image.

The covered turrets embedded in the tube do not obstruct the field of view and do not catch on the elements of equipment.

Vortex Micro 6x Magnifier with the possibility of mounting at 3 heights

The QD mount was used to mount the enlarger on the Picatinny rail, thanks to which its installation and removal takes only a few seconds.

Micro 6x is adapted to work with various collimators and holographic sights thanks to the possibility of mounting in 3 height configurations: absolute co-witness 37 mm (from the base), lower 1/3 co-witness 40 mm and high 49 mm with the use of a riser (included).

Micro 6x is recommended for use with AMG UH-1, Crossfire, SPARC SOLAR and Strikefire II sights.

Easy on, easy off, and built to fit seamlessly onto your rifle, the Micro6x Magnifier delivers an incredibly compact 6x optical system that takes your red dot farther.

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Included in the Box

  • Quick-Release Flip Mount
  • 3 Screw Sets
  • 1.93 inch Riser Plate
  • Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Riser Plate
  • Rubber Lens Covers
  • Lens Cloth
  • 3mm Hex Tool

Technical data

Magnification 6 x
Objective Lens Diameter 28 mm
Eye Relief 6.35 cm
Linear Field of View 6.3 m / 100 m
Angular Field of View 3.7 degrees
Turret Style Capped
Length 10.92 cm
Weight 309 gr
Brand Vortex Optics
Manufacturing China

1 review for Vortex Micro 6X Magnifier

  1. Trevor @ vortexoptics.com

    Clear, solid magnifier
    Just got my magnifier. It feels very solid. The mount is very easy to adjust and the magnifier has a good solid click when it is moved from in position to out of position. The glass is very clear. The adjustments to center the red dot are very tactile with loud clicks. The magnifier makes my dots look very crisp.

    The only cons are the white lettering on the side, and it would be nice if the magnifier was a little shorter (its 6x magnification though so I can’t complain).

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Product Manual (PDF) Download

Parts Diagram (PDF) Download

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