Vortex Strike Fire II Red Dot 4 MOA Red/Green Dot Sight

Technical data

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Feature-rich, versatile and reliable, the Vortex StrikeFire II Red Dot is a great choice for shooters who want a quality red dot sight, but don’t want to break the bank.

Vortex StrikeFire II Red Dot 4 MOA Red/Green Dot

New, compact and more precise!

The Vortex StrikeFire II Red Dot allows you to quickly find the target and take a shot, ending your hunt with success.

The design of the Red Dot is durable, resistant to water and damage, it easily withstands 1000 shots fired with the Magnum 375 H&H.

Compared to the smaller Sparc or Crossfire Red Dots, the Strikefire II Red Dot has a 30mm tube, which provides a much wider field of view, and allows a huge range of dot adjustment.

Robust construction

One-piece tube of the collimator with a diameter of 30 mm is made of durable aviation aluminum, which guarantees the resistance of the structure to recoil, mechanical damage and fall.

Accurate sealing and filling the body with dry nitrogen eliminate the problem of optics fogging and prevent the ingress of moisture, thanks to which the sight can be safely used during rain, snowfall and humid environment.

The aluminum was subjected to the Type-III hard anodizing process, thus creating a black-matte coating with very high resistance to scratching and abrasion.


The red/green 4 MOA dot is ideal for situations that demand split-second target acquisition.

Choose among ten variable illumination settings—the lowest two settings are night-vision compatible.

Battery Life: 6,000 hours on setting 6.

sfrikefire II Red Dot reticle 4 MOA

Subtension detail for Vortex StrikeFire II red dot.

Optical system

The Vortex Strikefire II uses lenses with very high light transmission.

This was achieved thanks to the use of multilayer anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.

A 4 MOA red/green dot is used for aiming, allowing you to quickly switch between targets.

The size of the dot has been adapted to dynamic shooting at short and medium distances, where the most important thing is instinctive aiming and fast transitions between targets.

The eye relief is unlimited for rapid target acquisition.

The dot has 10 brightness settings, which allows you not only to adjust the dot to the lighting conditions, but also to shoot with the use of night vision goggles (the first 2 settings).

The optics, like most red dots on the market, has a marginal parallax error, which does not noticeably affect the performance, therefore, in accordance with the accepted industry practice, the manufacturer describes the device as “parallax error free”.

Large adjustment range, convenient operation

The dot position is adjusted by means of two capped turrets (a click value of 1/2 MOA), the setting range of which is as much as 100 MOA vertically and horizontally.

To turn on / off and change the brightness of the dot, rubber buttons marked with arrows.

The buttons are conveniently placed on the left side of the eyepiece, so all the steps related to changing settings can be performed without taking your eyes off the target.


  • 30 mm tube – provides easier vertical and horizontal adjustment, combined with greater resistance than an inch tube
  • one-piece tube – porous aluminum housing increases resistance and water resistance
  • additional high ring – the set includes a 40 mm high ring, most often used for the Flat Top AR15 adapter.
  • water resistance – thanks to the use of gaskets, no water, dust or dust can get into the optical elements
  • dew resistance – nitrogen filling improves anti-dew properties and water resistance
  • no parallax error – allows you to quickly fire without having to close one eye, without paraclax phenomenon
  • operating temperature – from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius


  • unlimited distance from the eye (no critical distance from the eye, thanks to which it is possible to quickly target the target)
  • adjustable spot light intensity – allows you to adjust the light intensity depending on the conditions
  • automatic standby – 12 hour standby mode increases battery life
  • battery life – working time in the lowest mode is 6000h and 300 in the highest mode


The set includes an angular “lower 1/3 co-witness” assembly for a 22 mm rail.

When installed on an AR type platform, the collimator dot is above the sights and the optical center is 40 mm above the mounting rail.

As it has 30mm tube, you can install Vortex Strikefire II on any convenient height using Vortex Tactical 30mm Rings (sold separately).

It also pairs very well with almost any magnifier on the market (and of course Vortex Magnifiers VMX-3T, Micro 3x)


  • CM-304 Cantilever Ring
  • Flip-up Lens Cap
  • CR2 Battery
  • Lifetime Warranty

    Vortex Strikefire II Dimensions

    vortex strikefire II dimensions in cm

Technical data

Mount compatibility Picatinny and Weaver
Magnification 1 x
Objective Lens Diameter 30 mm
Reticle 4 MOA Dot
Reticle Color Red/Green Switchable
Eye Relief Unlimited
Parallax Setting Parallax Free
Adjustment Graduation 1/2 MOA
Travel per Rotation 25 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment 100 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment 100 MOA
Length 14,22 cm
Weight 204 gr
Brand Vortex Optics
Manufacturing China
Battery type CR2

1 review for Vortex Strike Fire II Red Dot 4 MOA Red/Green Dot Sight

  1. Paladins Hammer @ Vortexoptics.com

    Great Red/Green Dot, Reliable, Clear and Tough.
    I’ve had this Red Dot for about 4 months now and it has finally been taken to the range and sighted-in. It performed beautifully and the optics were clear and I had no problem acquiring the target. This AR is going to a summer youth camp in a few week for several hundred kids to shoot and I have every confidence that it will perform flawlessly. Is it an $800.00 Red Dot? No, I didn’t pay $800.00 for it, however if that would have been the price tag it would have been worth every penny. One can always find fault if they look hard enough, but in the long run what is it that counts more than everything else, does it perform as described and can you count on it!! Yes on both counts. So, is this the perfect Red Dot, non exist. But it sure does a great job doing what it was designed to do, and that is get you on target without a hitch. What more do you want than that? Pretty is always nice but pretty doesn’t amount to anything if it isn’t accurate. Vortex did a great job with this one and because of that several hundred kids are going to have the time of their lives this summer. Put a price tag on that!!!!

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Strikefire 2 Manual

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